Monday, December 14, 2009

Organic Food Delivery Michigan

I have been exchanging emails with Mr. and Mrs. Clard from the Roseland organic farm in Michigan. I wanted to let everyone know that the were added to the organic food home delivery directory today.

Roseland Organic Farms
60200 Dailey Road
Dowagiac, MI 49047
We deliver to various areas in Michigan

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

New Coupon for Organic Chocolate

Found a coupon from Endangered Species Chocolate. They are also having low shipping specials right now and have items packaged up in gift baskets too.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Friday, November 27, 2009

New Coupon Organic Beef

Alderspring Ranch
Certified Organic Pasture finished, grass fed beef Sign up for newsletter and receive $5.00 off next order FREE SHIPPING on orders over $175 to the western half of U.S. Use coupon code westover175. Reduced shipping on eastern orders over $175. Use coupon code eastover175

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Raised Garden I found in Lucas

I found a great raised garden in Lucas while out the other day. I really like how it was made especially the sides to keep the animals out. We are going to try raised beds in the spring.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New resource for Organic Discounts

Came across a website today- it has a lot of good information about organic discounts.

New Ebook- Going organic without going broke
by Rose Lewinson

Site offers organic food coupons and strategies for living an organic lifestyle affordability.

They have a coupon code on the coupon page for 10% off at their new online store

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Why we do not use pesticides in our garden- great photo

We do not use pesticides in our garden for lots of reasons but this photo says a 1000 words- If you do not kill the beneficial bugs they will do all the work. This little spider is carrying a HUGE bug in his mouth. Yesterday while sitting on the porch the same spider was sitting on our pepper plant eating a bright green caterpillar.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Crazy Organic Cucumbers- Lucas Texas

We have the funkiest cucumbers growing in our fall organic garden- they are so diformed- can't wait to see how they taste.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wild Flowers in Organic Garden- Lucas Texas

Photos my son Drew took of some of the organic wild flowers growing in our garden. They are absolutely beautiful. All of the wildflowers were grown from a .10 cent clearance package of seeds- gotta love that! From that package- orange, yellow, white and pink flowers have grown. The funny thing too is that each flower seems to have grown in its own place in the yard- the colors have grown separately if that makes sense?


Ladybird Dwarf Gold- this one is a vibrant orange-yellow, lemony color.

Cosmo Psycho White- really crazy wild flowers that are very fragrant. The cool part of the flowers are the spirly branches and leaves. The name is so fitting of the flower. Will take more photos so you can see it better.

Ladybird Dwarf Orange- There are two colors from these flowers. Some are a vibrant fiery orange and the others are a lighter almost flourescent orange. They smell really nice too.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

How to make a master grocery list

New article about how to make a master grocery list to save time meal planning and grocery shopping. And a printable grocery list that you can use or alter with your specific food categories.
How to make a grocery list

Shamrock Farms Organic Milk On Sale-Sprouts

Shamrock Farms Organic Milk
Whole, 2%, 1% or fat free
2 for $6.00 for a 96 oz

Effective Wed October 28, 2009-November 4, 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009

How to read PLU codes and avoid GMO foods

An article detailing how to read the PLU bar codes and information on product stickers. By knowing how to read the codes you can make the choice between conventional grown and organically grown foods and how to avoid GMO foods.
How to read PLU codes

Cascadian Farm Organic Potatoes on Sale

Cascadian Farm Organic Potatoes on sale 2 for $4.00 16 oz

In the freezer section of the grocery store the country style is really good!

at Sprouts
Effective Wed October 28, 2009-November 4, 2009

Friday, October 30, 2009

Central Market Organic Salads $4.99

On Sale-
Central Market USDA Organic Certified Salads
1 lb
$4.99 Each
Central Market
Prices good October 28, 2009-November 4, 2009

Sprouts Organic Apple Juice on Sale

Sprouts Organic Apple Juice on sale for $7.99 for 1 gallon.

Just in time for Hot apple cider and wassail

Effective Wed October 28, 2009-November 4, 2009

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Annies Homegrown Cereals Sale 2 for $5.00

Annies Homegrown Cereals
9 oz
2 for $5.00
Central Market
Prices good October 28, 2009-November 4, 2009

Organic Carrots and Fuki Apples on Sale

Earthbound Farms Organic fresh mini carrots
2 for $3.00
16oz package

USDA Certified Washington Organic Fuji Apples
$1.29 lb
Large Size

Market Street - Grocery Store
Prices effective October 28-November 3, 2009

Enviro Kidz Breakfast Cereal On Sale SPROUT

Enviro Kidz Breakfast Cereal all varieties 10-11.5 oz on sale for $2.79

My kids like the Organic Peanut Butter Panda Puffs.

Effective Wed October 28, 2009-November 4, 2009

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

How to get organized and save money on organic food

Part of the Organic Food Articles Shop Smart Series
How to save money on organic food
Tips and strategies to save money on organic food.

Hunts Organic Tomatoes Canned Sale $1.00

USDA Certified Organic
Hunt's Organic Tomatoes
28 oz
Big Lots
Merchandise available Sunday October 25-Saturday October 31, 2009. While quantities last.

Earth Essentials Bathroom Tissue 12 pak $5.00

Sale on
Earth Essentials Bathroom Tissue
12 pack
$5.00 limit 3

Earth Essentials Paper Towels
8 pack
$5.00 limit 3

CVS Pharmacy
Sale with FREE CVS card

October 25, 2009-October 31, 2009

Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt 10 for $10.00

Great sale on:
Oikos Organic Greek Yogurt
10 for $10.00
October 28-November 3, 2009

Annie's Natural Organic Dressings- Sale SPROUT

Annie's Naturals Organic Dressings
on sale for 2 for $5.00
October 28-Nov 4, 2009

Remember WEDNESDAY Double Ad Day- Shop from the last weeks ad and this weeks ad.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best Ways to Organize Coupons

Now that the kids are back in school and I have more time to coupon- in addition to hunting down and listing new organic coupons, I am going to try to write a series of articles about shopping tips and organization. Many of the die-hard coupon clippers already know the basics but with the economy being what it is there are more and more "beginning" coupon clippers. Besides that we can all pick up new ideas as technology and the world evolves.

The first in the series was posted today on the website- How to Organize Organic Coupons.

Best wishes

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Free Health Book and coupons

There is an advertisement in Natural Solutions magazine Oct 2009 on page 52 for Samson Brands healthy living juice and water machine the "Melody".

The ad states that if you email them at with your name, address, phone number, email you can choose either Create a miracle with hexagonal water or Fresh vegetable and fruit juices books for free with a coupon. (one coupon and book per customer)

If you do not want to email them- they also had their address that you could mail the information to: SamsonBrands, 47 Miry Brook Road, Danbury, CT 06810-7408

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Green Festivals DC and SanFrancisco Free Admission

If you are interested in going to either the Green Festival in DC October 10/11 or San Francisco Nov 13/14/15 for free. I just read that if you volunteer you do not have to pay admission. Visit

I have not been to either of these but they look fantastic!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Good Belly Buy One Get One Free Coupon

Natural Solutions magazine October 2009 page 50, has a coupon from GoodBelly that is a Buy One-Get One Free on Goodbelly Quart or Goodbelly Plus 4 pack- expires 12/31/09. Coupon says the value is up to $5.00 and is not to be doubled.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Aubrey Organics 15% off Discount Code

Found a discount code for Aubrey Organics in the October 2009 edition of Natural Solutions magazine on page 37.

Aubrey Organics
"visit our website and use code N109S at checkout for a 15% discount on these products"

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

.75 Cents off Silk Coupons

Found a new coupon for .75 cents off Silk products. You will need to sign up for their e-newsletter which will provide coupons and free offers.

Sign up is pretty quick on the Silk website. Worth it for the coupons.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Amish Market in Gaithersburg

Does not matter how many times I have been there in years past- stopping at the Amish Market is a must do for every trip to Gaithersburg, MD. They have a wonderful market. It has baked goods, candies, fruit, flower, meats, baking goods- the most amazing pretzles and a wonderful restaurant- Yum. I am getting hungry just thinking about it.

The market also has some amazing artists that sell their homemade wares- Amish quilts, potholders, aprons, dolls, wall hangings, tote bags and crayon bags.

Outside the Amish Market-Sign

Farm Fresh Veggies

Freshly picked black berries and strawberries

More fresh veggie and flowers

The selection is awesome and so flavorful.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Home Remedies

I am so proud of my husbands new website Home Remedies I just had to write about it. He just showed it to me.

Randy's new website has some really good articles about the use of natural/alternative remedies that most people can make in their own kitchen to help alleviate minor problems. The website does not advocate that people should not seek medical attention, just that many times there are some relatively inexpensive natural solutions that could be explored. With this economy, and the rising costs of health care-we could all use some inexpensive solutions. Right?

Besides the cost of prescription medication- my big concern is always the side effects of the medications. Sometimes the side effects for me are far worse than the condition that they were prescribed for. I have a tremor and am under the care of a neurologist. The tremor is a nuisance but does not prohibit me from physically doing anything. I tried a few different medications that make me so tired I cannot function. The tremor stops...sure but that's only because I am sleeping 22 hours a day....LOL Even my physician said that in my case the medication side effects were worse then the condition.

Again, something that should be part of the discussion between you and your physician. Never stop taking a prescription drug without talking to your Dr. first. (I always ask my dr. about the home remedies/vitamins I want to try just to be sure they will not react with any of the prescriptions I am already taking.) Some medications you have to be weened off slowly or they can cause some very serious problems. I have a "funny" story about my mother doing that...its a story for another day.

Be healthy

Organic Food Photos from Farmers Market in DC

On a recent trip to DC to visit my sister we went to several farmers markets. These are the photos I took of some of the organic fruits and veggies. I will post the rest of the photos this week. I could have eaten my way from one end of the farmers market to the other.

Beautiful tomatoes they were really a deep red and green color.

Amazing mushrooms they were huge!

The beans were my favorite- fresh and flavorful!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

$1.00 off Sensible Sipper Coupon

Register now and print a $1.00 off coupon which can be used towards any 8-pack of Sensible Sippers™ Juice Boxes. Use wherever R.W. Knudsen Family® products are sold. Limit one coupon per household. Coupon expires 9/30/09.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Just Juice Coupon Knudsen $1.00 Off

$1.00 off coupon which can be used towards any 32 oz. Just Juice product. Use wherever R.W. Knudsen Family® products are sold. Limit one coupon per household. Coupon expires 9/30/09.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Mountain High Yoghurt Coupons

Mountain High has started a new monthly emailed newsletter that consumers can sign up for free. Each month is supposed to contain free coupons and recipes.

The e-newsletter is called "Mountain Mail"...a tasty little newsletter.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Brown Cow Coupons for MAC and PC

Brown Cow coupons are now available for download for both MAC and PC's.

Email is required to see the current coupons but you can either opt to receive further emails from them or not.

Brown Cow E-coupons direct link

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

.75 Coupon for Taste the Dream

Taste the Dream who makes - Rice Dream, Almond Dream, Soy Dream as well as Frozen "ice cream" varities is offering a .75 cent off coupons

Monday, August 31, 2009

Horizon Organics New Site and Dairy Coupons

Horizon organics recently changed their website again. They now have some children laughing and playing. The top right corner is where the new coupons button is located. When you select it a box pops up that you must type in your email address to see the current coupons. You do not have to sign up for the newsletter to see the coupons, but my guess is that if you do sign up, you will receive coupons by email in each month's newsletter.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

New organic valley milk, butter, egg coupons

$1.00 off any gallon or half gallon of Organic Valley Milk,
$1.00 off any one package of Organic Valley eggs
$1.00 off any one Organic Valley cheese
$1.00 off Organic Valley butter
$1.00 off one Organic Valley heavy whipping cream
$1.00 off any one half gallon of Organic Valley Lactose Free milk
$1.00 off any one Organic valley soy
$1.00 off Organic Valley Cottage Cheese or Sour Cream
$1.00 off any Organic Valley Cream Cheese or Neufchatel.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Country Choice Organic $1.00 Cookie Coupons

New coupons available for Country Choice organic sandwich cookies and other snack coupons. The new message on the website for Country Choice Organic says that there are new coupons for their company to print and download from mambo sprouts too.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Earth Bound Farms $500 Savings Bond Contest

NEW Earth Bound Farms A $500 US Savings Bond for your child’s future education.

Contest is from Wednesday, July 1, 2009 until Thursday, December 31, 2009, or until the entry form is closed and removed from Sponsor’s Website.

Kid's Quote Label Contest- for children 17 years and younger. If the quote is chosen they could win a $500 US Savings Bond.

New $1.00 off Burleson's Honey Coupon

NEW Back to school printable coupon from Burleson's Honey

Monday, August 24, 2009

$1.00 Off Cedar's Organic Hommus Expires Soon

The spring coupons for Cedar's Organic Hommus expire the end of August. They have two coupons listed. Be sure to print them and use soon.

$1.00 Off Cedar's Organic Hommus Expires Soon.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Organic Food Coupons- Garden Photos

Posted lots of new photo's of our organic garden, some of the bugs in our organic garden and the humming birds who come by for a snack.

New Organic Sugar Coupons Available

Well after fun summer home with the kids- its time to get back to coupon hunting...

A follower of our website forwarded information for a new organic sugar coupon that is available.

Friday, May 29, 2009

Why does produce have PLU codes?

While shopping at sprouts farmers market the other day I noticed that in the bin of organic apples had different codes on apples. Why they were mixed in the same bin was an easier question to answer, a little boy shopping in front of me with his mom was helping her to "shop". He was picking up all kinds of goodies that were not necessarily on her list so they were getting put back.

It made me think was I really buying the fruit and veggies that I thought I was? Does this child shop in front of me often?

So I looked at the stickers to confirm the sticker on the fruit was the sticker on the price tag at the bottom of the bin. I was surprised to see that the sticker had little to do with the pricing and more to do with the identification of the produce. Come to find out the "sticker" has a code called a PLU code. The PLU code identifies how the fruit was grown, conventional, organic or the devil produce GMO.

Read my entire article about PLU codes on organic produce. It was really interesting to see what information is able to fit onto that little sticker and why it is so important that we all know how to read it.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

15% off Gardener's Supply Company

Just received and email from Gardener's Supply Company with an offer for organic gardeners. Use the link below to receive 15% off orders $50.00 or more. Ends July 1, 2009

15% off orders of $50 or more at Gardener's Supply Company! Offer ends 7.01.09.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Healh E Savers Printable Organic Food Coupons

Just took a peek at the coupons available today on

They had the following organic food coupons available online to print out:
  • Save $1.00 on 4 cups of Brown cow Yogurts Expires 07/31/09
  • $1.00 off Organic Valley Cheese Expires 07/31/2009
  • $.55 off Turtle Island Foods Tempeh and Tofurkey Expires 09/30/2009
  • Save $1.00 Ludberg Heat and Eat organic Rice Bowls Expires 12/31/2009
  • $.50 on any 2 Mori-Nu Silken Tofu Expires 06/10/2010

More Organic Food Coupons

Today I found some new organic food coupons to share. All of the information about the coupons and where to print them is on our site

The coupons added today are:
Organic Condiments Page
Bella Vista Farm
Cedar's Mediterranean Foods, Inc.
Litehouse, Inc.

Organic Dried Fruit and Nuts Page
Blue Diamond Almonds

Organic Beef and Poultry Page
Applegate Farms
Naturewell Natural Beef

Organic Pet Food Page
Country Pet Foods
Dogswell, LLC

Monday, May 25, 2009

10 New organic food coupons resources

New Organic Coupons Included on

Ian's Natural Foods
Tribe Hummus
Ener-G Foods, Inc.
Apple & Eve
Fleischmann's Vinegar Company, Inc.
MarzettiBerlin Natural Bakery, Inc.
Allergy Friendly Foods, LLC
Magic Seasoning Blends
Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, Inc.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Wild Harvest Organic Coupons

Wild Harvest Organic
(877) 932-7948
Products: Wild Harvest Organic Ground Coffee, Wild Harvest Organic Soy Milk, Wild Harvest Natural Cereals, Wild Harvest Organic raisins, Wild Harvest Organic Eggs, Wild Harvest organic maple syrup, Wild Harvest organic pancakes, Wild Harvest organic yogurt.
Online Coupons
Save $1.00 on Wild Harvest
Save $1.00 on Wild Harvest Waffles, Orange Juice and Yogurt.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Stony Field Farm Organic Milk- Buy 1 get one Free

Whole Foods Market Sales May 13-20th
Stonyfield Farm Oikos-Organic Nonfat
Green Yogurt 37% off 4 for $5.00
Tahiti Traders- Organic Acai Mix $13.00
OFF $14.99 each (regular $27.99)
Organic Valley Family Farms - 1% Low Fat
Chocolate Milk. Buy one Get one FREE!
Enviro KIDZ- Organic Enviro Kitz Crisby
Rice Bars Sale 2 for $6.00
Annie's Homegrown- Organic Snack Mix
Bunnies- Sale 2 for $7.00

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Sprouts Farmers Market Organic Food Coupons May 6-13

Sprouts Farmers Market Weekly Organic Food Specials and in Store Coupons May 6 - 13

Kashi Heart to Heart Cereal 2 for $6.00

Lakewood Light Organic Cranberry Juice 2 for $6.00

Green and Black's Organic Chocolate Bars 2 for $5.00

Amy's Organic Enchiladas 2 for $5.00

Simply Organic Spice Grinders 15% off

Alden's Organic Ice Cream $3.99

Organic Valley Lactose-Free Milk 2 for $7.00

Pilgrims Pride All Natural Eggs 2 for $3.00

Sprouts Farmers Market May 2009 Specials and Coupons

Sprouts Farmers Market
MAY specials and in store coupons - check your zip code for additional coupons

Marukan Rice Vinegar $1.79

Earth Balance Peanut Butter 2 for $7.00

Newman's Own Organic Fig Newman's $3.39

Sprouts Organic apple sauce cups 2 for $4.00

Sunbutter sunflower seed butter $4.39

Nature's Path Organic Granola Bars $3.29

Eden Organic Rice and Beans 1.69

Organic Zero Sweetener $7.99

Cliff Kids Organic Z Bars .69 each

Organic Valley Orange Juice 4.99

Whole Foods Market Organic Coupons May 6-13

The sale items and whole foods market coupons may vary in your area. To find the specific coupons for your local store visit and type in your zip code.

They had lots of coupons for healthy food this week but I only listed the ones that specifically were organic.

40% Off $2.99 each reg $4.99 Organic Strawberries (California Grown)

$1.50 off $4.99 lb, Reg $6.49 lB. Bone in Center Cut Pork Loin Chops
(Vegetarian fed without antibiotics or added hormones)

Organic peeled baby carrots
Buy one get one FREE 1lb bag

Three Sisters All Natural Whole Grain Cereal.99 cents off 2 for $5.00 Reg $3.49 each

Tazo Organic Iced Tea Sale $1.00

Earth Balance agave sweetened peanut butters Sale 2 for $7.00

Amy's Frozen Entrees-Assorted flavors2 for $6.00

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Organic Bagels Oh My

Today dad came over and we all made homemade bagels. Not only was it a ton of fun, but boy do they taste fantastic. You have to follow the steps or they do not come out right, a few did not rise up as much as we wanted and one or two got burnt on the bottom. But they are so good especially warm right out of the oven.
We learned a few things that we would have done differently next time and I'll share all that when I get the full recipe up onto Organic Food Coupons next week.
Dad is an "old" not in age but experience Italian cook so he had some great tips that you will never find in a book. Will try to have the full recipe up soon.

After Rising

Bagels boil for a few minutes to get that nice crust.