Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Wild Flowers in Organic Garden- Lucas Texas

Photos my son Drew took of some of the organic wild flowers growing in our garden. They are absolutely beautiful. All of the wildflowers were grown from a .10 cent clearance package of seeds- gotta love that! From that package- orange, yellow, white and pink flowers have grown. The funny thing too is that each flower seems to have grown in its own place in the yard- the colors have grown separately if that makes sense?


Ladybird Dwarf Gold- this one is a vibrant orange-yellow, lemony color.

Cosmo Psycho White- really crazy wild flowers that are very fragrant. The cool part of the flowers are the spirly branches and leaves. The name is so fitting of the flower. Will take more photos so you can see it better.

Ladybird Dwarf Orange- There are two colors from these flowers. Some are a vibrant fiery orange and the others are a lighter almost flourescent orange. They smell really nice too.

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