Thursday, September 10, 2009

Home Remedies

I am so proud of my husbands new website Home Remedies I just had to write about it. He just showed it to me.

Randy's new website has some really good articles about the use of natural/alternative remedies that most people can make in their own kitchen to help alleviate minor problems. The website does not advocate that people should not seek medical attention, just that many times there are some relatively inexpensive natural solutions that could be explored. With this economy, and the rising costs of health care-we could all use some inexpensive solutions. Right?

Besides the cost of prescription medication- my big concern is always the side effects of the medications. Sometimes the side effects for me are far worse than the condition that they were prescribed for. I have a tremor and am under the care of a neurologist. The tremor is a nuisance but does not prohibit me from physically doing anything. I tried a few different medications that make me so tired I cannot function. The tremor stops...sure but that's only because I am sleeping 22 hours a day....LOL Even my physician said that in my case the medication side effects were worse then the condition.

Again, something that should be part of the discussion between you and your physician. Never stop taking a prescription drug without talking to your Dr. first. (I always ask my dr. about the home remedies/vitamins I want to try just to be sure they will not react with any of the prescriptions I am already taking.) Some medications you have to be weened off slowly or they can cause some very serious problems. I have a "funny" story about my mother doing that...its a story for another day.

Be healthy

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