Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Today's Savings

I bought from CVS

M&m's 12.6 oz bag
Tasters Choice Coffee (2)
Kellogs Rice Crispies (2)
Kotex Tampons
Gillette Deodorant (2)
The 9 items total out of pocket cost $7.36 (-the ibotta credit of 2.00)
Store savings $35.47

I bought from Dollar Tree where the retail price of everything is $1.00 each (2 different stores one has cold items other does not)

cake mix
halls (2)
Hot cocoa box of 6 (3)
Pepperoni (2)
Capri Sun (2)
Blueberry Breakfast Oat Bars Box of 6 (2)
Chocolate Brownies box of 6 (2)
Nivea Cherry Lip Balm (2)
Pound Cake (2)
Flour Tortillas
Fiber One Chewy Bars box 6 (2)
Fruit Roll up Box of 4 (4)
West Soy Milk (2)

Store savings *$13.75 coupons (Keep in mind that is saving off dollar tree prices but it is acutally much more than that if I had to purchase the same items at another store. For example the retail price of nivea lip balm is $2.89 each- Retail store savings would be $27.78 for this purchase.)

Total for DAY Shopping

Dollar tree savings $13.75 (if I had to buy identical items at retail store savings $27.78)
CVS Savings $33.47

Total actual savings of:$47.22 (13.75 +33.47) Savings if identical retail $61.25

Total Out of Pocket $14.92

Note: Most of the coupons were printed online

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