Tuesday, November 2, 2010

7 Tips For Living Green While Saving Money

We’ve been pretty hard on this planet since we first came out of the trees. And now it’s time to do something about it. The Greening trend is what is going to save our world but we all have to do our part. You’ll be pleased to know that you can also save the planet without breaking the bank. Here are the top seven tips for frugal green living.

7. Good To The Last Drop

Waste not, want not. Solid advice. And yet we don’t follow it. Don’t throw out jars and bottles until you’ve scraped every last bit of product from them. You paid for the entire contents of the jar so use it. And if the jar is useful, then don’t recycle it all. Use it for preserves, buttons, nails, etc.

6. Don’t Get Boxed In

People complain about the prices at the grocery store but think nothing of shelling out $4 for a Big Mac! Put that $4 towards groceries for more than one meal and stock up the kitchen instead of spending money on one-shot dining. For example: $4 will buy you a loaf of bread, which will make a dozen sandwiches. And there will be a dozen less of your hamburger wrappers rotting in landfills.

5. Brown Bag It

While on the subject of meals, you’ll save money and help the environment if you bring your own lunch to work. Buying lunch ingredients instead of prepared meals will save you money. Less packaging and re-using the same brown bag will help the planet. How can you or Mother Earth lose?

4. Table For Two Chez Nous

Making a habit out of dining out can not only empty your bank account, but it can also harm the environment. Restaurants waste tons of food each year, plus there are all the additional expenses that go on top of the price of food, including dish washing, cleaning, and the piles of garbage made from our leavings. And how about the gas you burn getting to and from the place?

3. Tourist Town

Jets take fuel and some of it is needed to move you from place to place. And that car gas tank needs filling when you’re on the road. For a change, become a tourist in your own town. You’ll save on travel expenses, you’ll reduce your carbon footprint and you’ll discover what your city or town has to offer.

2. Work From Home

This is a big step but it can pay big dividends. By working from home, you’ll save car expenses, daily breakfast and lunch expenditure with the accompanying waste that goes with them. Plus you get to be your own boss and get a tax break on your energy efficient home office. And these savings can go on for decades, helping the planet out in the process.

1. Car Gone

This one is self-explanatory. Get rid of your car. Car’s pollute and always have some expense or other attached to them. You never stop paying for a car whether it be parts, maintenance, insurance, gas... the list goes on and on. Buy a bicycle, use public transit. Do the air, yourself and your wallet a favor.

This post was written by Andrew Salmon from the life insurance website LifeCover.ca.

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